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Would you like to volunteer?

Show your compassion for vulnerable animals in a really practical way by donating your time and energy. All aspects of Furry Friends are run by hard-working volunteers at the shelter, in the community, and from your own home. We have different ways you can share your time and talent.

1. Foster Parents
Become a foster parent and provide loving, in-home care for: kittens; moms with babies; cats recovering from surgeries; or cats waiting for vaccinations. This commitment can last from 2-16 weeks. Furry Friends covers all medical costs and dry food for these animals while in your care.

2. Shelter Support

There are many ways volunteers can support cats in our shelter:

  • Shelter volunteers keep cats fed, watered and the facility clean. Med Room volunteers do the same tasks, but tend to cats that require special care, like giving pills, applying creams, giving eye drops, etc. Volunteers in these roles fill shifts 7-days-a-week in the mornings (3-hour shift) and evenings (2-hour shift). 
  • Vet Runners take cats to/from their veterinary appointments (in Barrie) as required.
  • Shelter Socializers spend time at the shelter in the afternoon (between shifts when it’s quiet) with cats that are not 100% confident to build trust so that they can be adopted.
  • First Responders follow-up on phone messages and email re: surrenders, lost cats, adoptions, etc. (home-based)
  • Data entry volunteers ensure all information about the cats is kept up-to-date in our shelter database (home-based).
  • Maintenance volunteers help with repairs – or source vendors - as required.

3. Adoption Support
Volunteers can help kitties find permanent, loving homes in a number of ways:

  • Adoption Interview volunteers follow-up on online adoption applications, interviewing potential adopters and approving/decline applications (home-based). 
  • Adoption Specialists attend PetSmart (southend Barrie) to care for cats in the Adoption Centre, interacting with potential adopters and processing all approved adoptions.
  • Follow-up Adoption Callers touch base with all adopters by phone two weeks post-adoption to check-in and offer any necessary support (home based).
  • Adoption Admin volunteers assist with creating adoption packages, updating reports, scheduling, etc.

4. Fundraising Support

  • Event volunteers: community events, garage sales, etc.
  • Donation box program: placing boxes and collecting cash
  • Soliciting prizes for raffles and auctions
  • Delta Bingo

Don’t be deterred if your skills, talents or training don’t fit into these three categories! Furry Friends is a large organization with 150+ volunteers, a permanent shelter housing 60 cats & 150 short- and long-term foster homes. Numerous individuals perform unexpected tasks from phone message management to maintaining donation boxes around town to keep us going. Fill out a volunteer application and we’ll listen, learn about you and find you a fantastic Furry Friends fit! Click these links to learn about volunteers perform tasks you probably wouldn’t have thought of…

KATHY ( Delta Bingo volunteer )

IRINA ( Long-term foster )

LOGAN ( Social Media content creator )

MAIA ( Vet runner )

SUE ( Adoption follow-up caller )

VALERIE ( Cat socializer )

ALBERT ( Maintenance handyman )

Apply now...

To become a volunteer, please complete these convenient online application forms: 

1. Foster Parent foster application form;

2. If you are interested in helping with Shelter Support, Adoption Support or Fundraising Support, please complete this volunteer application form… volunteer application form (please sign volunteer agreement form on the last page). 

Please note that our insurance requires that shelter volunteers be at least 16 years of age and PetSmart volunteers 18.

A Furry Friends representative will contact you to talk more about your interests and availability. Submission of an application does not guarantee placement. Volunteers are required to sign the Furry Friends Volunteer Agreement form

For more information, please contact us at volunteer@furryfriendsbarrie.com.