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Furry Friends accepts surrenders by appointment only, and we often have a waiting list.  We ask that you do not come to our shelter with your cat without contacting our team and that you do not drop your cat off at our shelter unattended.


Abandoning cats at our door without an appointment is detrimental to our rescue's operations, dangerous for the cat being left behind, and it is harmful to the cats waiting to come in to our care. Physical space within our shelter is limited, and we do our best to rescue 500+ cats and kittens in need every year. We understand that sometimes people encounter incredibly difficult situations and feel the need to take desperate measures, but attempting to circumvent our intake process by dumping a cat outside of our shelter means that the people and cats who have been waiting their turn are now forced to wait longer, which results in disruptions to both our shelter and those who are on our intake list.


In the event that we are unable to intake your cat, here is a list of other organizations in our area that you can look into:


  • The Comfie Cat Shelter
  • Street Cats Rescue
  • Alliston & District Humane Society
  • Georgian Triangle Humane Society
  • Feline Fix (If the cat in question is outside and in need of trapping/rescue)

On average, it will cost our rescue $250 to help a healthy cat become ready for adoption. The cost of care increases sharply if the cat arrives with medical concerns - Dental problems, obesity, diabetes, infections and injuries are just a few of the ailments we work to help our new residents through. Furry Friends pays hundreds of thousands of dollars in vet bills every year. We operate entirely thanks to the kindness and generosity of our community, and the donations they give us as we receive no government funding. In order to offset these extremely high costs, we do ask for a financial donation at the time of surrender, but we will not turn an applicant away based on their ability to give a donation.


In order to surrender your cat, please fill out this form and a volunteer will be in touch. As Furry Friends runs entirely on volunteers and has no paid staff, we appreciate your patience in allowing us 48-72) hours to respond to your inquiry. We receive a staggering amount of calls for help every single day, and our volunteers do their best to respond as quickly as possible.