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Our furry friends are waiting for you!

There are many cats and kittens to choose from for adopters in the Simcoe County region north of the GTA. You can select a furry friend that is perfect for you. There are loveable cats and kittens of every age, colour, size, length of fur and temperament. Some of the animals have special needs. Caring for these animals can be especially rewarding. Thankfully, most cats are quickly adopted into loving homes, but there are always new furry friends patiently waiting their turn to find life-long companions. Cats that don't find adoptive homes always have a home at our shelter.

Important things to consider!

Adopting an animal is an important decision. Caring for an animal requires a long-term commitment. Here are some things to think about before adopting a furry friend:

•    Do you have the budget for food, litter, ongoing vaccinations and any necessary medical treatments?
•    Do you have time at home to interact with your pet?
•    Do you have other animals at home?
•    Do you have babies or small children at home?
•    Do you have permission from your landlord?

•    Furry Friends' policy is not to declaw. For more information on declawing, click this link.

•    Kitten Considerations: Furry Friends will adopt kittens under 6 months of age to families who already have a cat or kitten at home OR are willing to adopt a companion cat or kitten at the same time. We do this to avoid "single kitten syndrome" and to ensure that the young kitten develops into a well socialized cat. Furry Friends will not adopt a kitten under 6 months of age to a family with children who are under 5 years of age. We believe that living with a cat can be beneficial to children and that cats can enhance children's self esteem, teach them responsibility and help them learn empathy. We also know that safety and rough play can be concerns for both the kitten and the child.

What’s the process? COVID-19 Adoption Protocols (as of Aug 23, 2022)

1. Find your BFF (best furry friend)!
See our kitties online on our website or Facebook, or visit them in person at our partner Pet Valu stores or at the South end 33 Mapleview Drive Petsmart during adoption event weeks.


2. Interested in adopting a kitty? Click here to fill it our online adoption application! 


3. For cats at Pet Valu, a volunteer will contact you to finalize the adoption.  For cats at Petsmart, a volunteer will contact you to finalize the adoption during the week. Volunteers are onsite ready to do adoptions on the weekends. 


4. Adoption fees are accepted via etransfer to Furry Friends. Kittens: (under 1 year): $300. Adult Cats (1 year+): $260. This adoption fee covers the basic costs involved in preparing animals for adoption. (often there are additional costs that aren't covered like surgeries and special medical treatments). All cats are spayed/neutered before they are adopted, have all age appropriate shots, and are treated for parasites (i.e. deworming, flea prevention). Any illnesses are treated before adoption.


5. Enjoy your new arrival! A volunteer will call you within a week to check-in and ensure everything is going well.



Furry Friends is proud to partner with PetSmart (33 Mapleview Drive East, Barrie, Ontario, see map)

PetSmart Charity Partner Silver Badge

...and select Pet Valu locations in Barrie (see below) to match cats and kittens with loving pet parents!

Pet Valu Cundles (617 Cundles Rd E., Barrie)

Pet Valu Bayfield (531 Bayfield Street North)

We and our supporters love hearing how adopted kitties are doing with their new families so please share your stories on our Facebook or Instagram pages! 

We partner with Adopt A Pet to help our kitties be seen by as many people as possible!

Click on the banner below to view our kitties on Adopt A Pet's website! We are so incredibly thankful for their help in advertising our adoption-ready cats and kittens - The more folks who get the chance to see our cats, the more likely that somebody will fall head over heels in love with them!