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Support Furry Friends While You Shop!

Did you know that we're lucky enough to work hand in paw with busineses who share our passion for saving little lives in need? 


It takes a whole community to raise the money needed to care for the hundreds of cats and kittens who come through our doors every year. Here's just a few of the ways that you can help raise funds for our cats and kittens while you shop:


Bradford Greenhouses Garden Gallery


Every time you shop at either the 4346 Highway 90 store or the 3817 County Road 4 store, you can tell your cashier at the checkout BEFORE they start to ring your items up that you'd like to support Furry Friends with your purchase!


5% of your order total will be added to a gift card that we receive at the end of the year, and then we can use that card in a raffle, auction, or other fundraising event in order to help raise money for the kitties!


True Earth and Eco Collective


When you shop through our special Tru Earth or Eco Collective fundraising links (the link at the bottom of this post!), our rescue earns an awesome 20% back of every order as a donation. You can help our planet by browsing a huge collection of eco-friendly goodies, all while raising money for our kitties. 


Click here to go to our Tru Earth Fundraising Catalog!


Click here to go to our Eco Collective Fundraising Catalog!