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Kitty Kitty
Come and meet Kitty Kitty in person at the South end 33 Mapleview Drive Petsmart!

If you’re looking for a sweet and soft-natured girl, look no further than nine year old Kitty Kitty - Spoil her with plenty of brushing, pampering, and buckets full of love, and Kitty Kitty will be putty in your hands in no time.

Kitty Kitty can be shy when you’re first getting to know her, but once you get your hands on her soft fur, she just can’t help but open her heart to you as her new best friend. Kitty Kitty could spend all day long by your side and soaking up your attention, so don’t be afraid to lay all of your love on her.

Sunny windows are one of Kitty’s favourite spots to lounge, and she’s also a big fan of cozy pillows. Of course, above all else she’d love to be able to cuddle up and sleep with you!

Kitty Kitty likes her squeeze up tube treats, and she’d never say no to a snack.

Kitty Kitty’s ideal future forever home is somewhere quiet that she can bask at your side. She gets along well with other calm kitties.