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Look out world, here comes 5 year old Margarita and her bodacious, brilliant personality! If you’ve always wanted a loud and proud kitty who isn’t afraid to love with her whole heart, look no further than magnificent Margarita.

Margarita is the life of the party no matter where she goes, she takes the excitement with her and livens up every room that she trots in to! Whether she’s excitedly singing about what’s on her mind or happily calling you to come and spoil her more attention, the last thing we would ever call Margarita is ‘shy’. She’s a total people kitty!

Margarita knows what she wants and when she wants it, and so don’t be surprised when she demands more pets, snacks, or attention. This queenly kitty also has no problem giving you a grumble when she’s trying to have some quiet time - It takes a lot of energy to be this awesome, and Margarita values her beauty sleep!

Because of her small stature, Margarita LOVES to cuddle up into cup-style beds and cubbies, she’ll tuck every toe and inch of her tail in like a cinnamon roll when she gets ready for sleep.

Margarita gets along well with kids as long as they're gentle.

Something to know about me: Margarita is looking for a forever home with no other cats, she is a single kitty kinda gal!