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If you’re looking for a silly dude who’s always on the move and has no sense of personal space, it’s time to meet seven year old Ben!

Ben is a complete kitten at heart, and it’s never a dull moment when you have this class clown around - Ben loves to climb and explore, jump onto shoulders, hop into your arms, knock things off of tables and lay across your desk while you’re working. He genuinely, above all else, is full of pure kitten wonder and astonishment at the world around him - In Ben’s eyes, there’s always something exciting to find!

Ben likes to live on high and has no problem with heights, he is very well known for his incredible athleticism and willingness to leap through the air onto any surface he can reach. Once he gets comfortable on whatever tall thing he’s managed to climb for the day, Ben loves to hang his paws down and affectionately pat you on the head as you walk by. Suffice to say, cat trees are a must for this handsome monkey.

Ben is a foodie who loves to eat, and he’s enamored with his water bowls. He greatly enjoys sticking his paws in his water bowl and ‘fishing’ for whatever he can find.

Ben gets along great with kids, and is ultra curious about other kitties.

Something to know about me: Ben is partially deaf, and has a bit of trouble with his balance - You will often see him bob his head to and fro as he goes about his day, and he may bump into things occasionally or walk in circles when he gets super excited. He also likes to talk out loud to himself. It just makes him extra unique.