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Three year old Oliver is bodacious, outgoing, dramatic, and all-around a total monkey! This guy is the very definition of a big personality, and he lives by the motto ‘Oliver’s way or the highway’. He’s sure to make you laugh with his antics, and keep you on your toes with his adventures.

After having a really rough start to life, Oliver has a lot of quirks and unique personality traits that make him a one of a kind handful. We love him beyond words, but King Oliver isn’t for the faint of heart or first-time cat owners.
Don’t let his innocent baby face fool you, Oliver is a daring cat who likes to bend the rules if you’re not stern with him - He understands the word ‘No’, even if he pretends to not listen sometimes!

Oliver enjoys attention when he wants it and will lovingly twirl around your legs when he wants you to massage his head, but when he’s had enough, he will let you know with a swat or a nip.

Oliver loves to play fetch, and will leap high in the air for treats and toys. He needs lots of toys and things to play with to keep him mentally stimulated, boredom does not suit Oliver.

Oliver needs to have a close eye kept on him when opening and closing doors. He needs to find a home with no other cats and no young children.