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Blondie 1
Come and meet Blondie in person at the South end 33 Mapleview Drive Petsmart!

Say hello to beautiful nine year old Blondie, a kitty who is as abundantly playful as she is downright gorgeous!

Blondie is all about fun and games, and she just can’t wait to bring all of the joy she has into your world! Incredibly sweet, oodles of excitement and all around best friend material, Blondie is ready to be your new best buddy.

At first, Blondie will act shy around people that she isn't familiar with. A great way to bond with Blondie is to just get right in there and make a good example, no need to wait for her to approach you first - Once you get your hands on her soft fur, she's all for the attention!

Some of Blondie’s favourite pastimes include monkeying around with all of her kitty toys, and playing with the other kitties in her home. When she isn’t playing, she’s probably trying to sneak in some extra pets or treats with you - The way to Blondie’s heart is definitely through her tummy, and she’d never say no to her favourite squeeze up tube treats or salmon temptations!

Blondie is great with relaxed kids after she gets to know them, and she seriously loves other cats and will often sleep alongside them.

Once she's comfortable with you, Blondie has no problem being held in your arms.

Blondie would do best in a home with no dogs, but she would love to have another kitty as a friend.