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Five year old Sophie is well-groomed and tidy with a capital T, you can often find her meticulously combing through her fur while cuddled up in a soft bed... She will pause her ministrations long enough to meow excitedly when she sees you in greeting, but it’s not long before she’s back to ensuring every lock of gorgeous tabby coat is in it’s proper place!

With how dedicated Sophie is to grooming on the regular, you may think that she has a lot of patience... She doesn’t! Sophie doesn’t like to wait for anything, and she’s not afraid to gallop behind you while singing loudly to let you know that she wants attention right now. Once her excited meowing gets your attention (good luck ignoring her), Sophie will happily soak up whatever love she can get from you! Massage her cheeks, pet her forehead, rub her shoulders, it’s all good for this round gal. She will often croak and grumble happily as you pet her, so don’t mistake her pleased sounds for growling or anything... She just likes to vocalize!

Sophie is a very playful kitty and she has no problem making you a part of her games - Whether you waggle a toy wand or toss a jingly ball for her, or if she needs to invent her own game like chasing the pen that you’re trying to write with or tip-tapping her paws on your keyboard, she’s very sure that she’ll find something to entertain herself with. She’s intelligent and dedicated to fun!

Sometimes Sophie can be a bit of a lazybones and will lay sprawled out on her soft bed, calling across the room for you to come and give her love... She’s found the perfect spot, and she’s certainly not going to get up and have to get comfortable again when you can use your human legs and come to her instead! Sophie is always happy to reward you with big purrs and headbutts for indulging her laziness, so you just can’t say no to her.

Although Sophie isn’t fond of having her bum patted, she’s content to let you pet her anywhere else. Sophie is good with kids, but she would prefer a home with no other cats.

Something to know about Sophie is that she's diabetic, but don't worry - We are so very pleased to announce that Sophie's glucose is stable, and she is in diabetic remission! That means that she doesn't need insulin thanks to her healthy lifestyle, she simply relies on her diabetic-friendly diet to stay in great shape and keep her sugars in check. Our volunteers would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about Sophie's diabetes before you bring her home!