How To Adopt

There are many cats and kittens to choose from. You can select a furry friend that is perfect for you. There are loveable cats and kittens of every age, colour, size, and length of fur. Some of the animals have special needs. Caring for these animals can be especially rewarding.

Important things to consider!

Adopting an animal is an important decision. Caring for an animal requires a long-term commitment. Here are some things to think about before adopting a furry friend:

•    Do you have the budget for food, litter, ongoing vaccinations and any necessary medical treatments?
•    Do you have time at home to interact with your pet?
•    Do you have other animals at home?
•    Do you have babies or small children at home?
•    Do you have permission from your landlord?

•    Furry Friends' policy is not to declaw. For more information on declawing click this link.

Every year we place approximately 600 animals in loving homes. Read some of our success stories and see the positive impact Furry Friends makes for animals and those who love them.  

What’s the process?

1. Visit us to select your new pet
Our friendly volunteers can show you the animals that are waiting to be adopted into ‘forever’ homes and help you make a selection that suits you. Thankfully, most cats are quickly adopted into loving homes, but there are always new furry friends patiently waiting their turn to find life-long companions. Cats that don't find adoptive homes always have a home at our shelter.

Furry Friends Animal Shelter:

25 Hart Drive, Unit 15, Barrie, Ontario L4N 5R8

Shelter Hours (open to public):
Monday 11am - 1pm, 7 - 9pm
Tuesday 11am - 1pm
Wednesday 11am - 1pm, 6 - 7pm
Thursday 11am - 1pm, 6:30 - 8:30pm
Friday 11am - 1pm
Saturday 10am - 12pm*
Sunday 10am - 12pm*

IMPORTANT: Furry Friends has no paid staff. Whenever possible, please email us in advance to set up an appointment so that we can ensure one of our volunteers will be there to meet with you by clicking this link.

For two weeks every month we also adopt cats and kittens out of PetSmart, 33 Mapleview Drive East, Barrie.
Adoption hours: Monday - Saturday, 9:00am - 9:00 pm and
Sunday, 10:00am - 6:00 pm 

We also adopt our cats from two PetValu locations: 165 Wellington Street West and 632 Yonge Street in Barrie during store hours.

2. Complete and sign an adoption application form which must be approved by Furry Friends and pay the appropriate adoption fee.

This fee covers the costs involved in preparing animals for adoption. All cats are spayed/neutered before they are adopted and have all age appropriate shots. Any illnesses are treated before adoption. You will receive a copy of their medical records.

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