These are our cats!

JoseJose - Black and White, 1 to 5 years, Short hair, female
Jose is a rescue from Georgia with a BIG personality wrapped up in a little body! This one year old is spirited and chock full with energy, practically bursting at the seams with excitement when you open her cage doors. Jose can’t decide if she’s coming or going, she tries to knead her bed and touch your hands and roll over all at the same time, and she ends up doing something like kneading in the air at you - She will stand on her hind legs, put her front paws up, and knead out in the air in front of her! She also kept trying to knock the phone out of our hands when we were attempting to take her picture ;) Jose loves to have her face rubbed and her head cradled, but her bum is off limits for pets! If you try to pat her behind, she will turn and quickly give you a nip to let you know to back off. She will also sometimes nip if she gets too excited, in which case all you need to do is let her have some time to cool down before resuming play time. She’s a quirky girl who just needs somebody to understand her needs and jive with her high energy personality! Jose would do best with no children due to her excitability.
MaxfieldMaxfield - Grey, 1 to 5 years, Long hair, male
Meet Maxfield. Hes been with us for a couple years. Mostly because his personality can change in an instant. Once you know and understand him you can see his lovely personality shine. So what is his Story? Well Max is 5 years old who came to us as a stray from the Georgina area whom no one claimed. You will mostly see Maxfield napping in our entrance room and can be pet (but you will most likely hear us warn you about him) . Watch out if he sits on you as it is quite the process to get him off your lap. Maxfield does NOT particularly like other cats, however, so he should really be the sole pet in the home. Maxfield also demonstrates some "catitude" from time to time in the way of nips and swats. He just wants to assert himself as the alpha. We are looking for a mature house hold with no kids, and best as the only pet. Is it his year to be adopted? Lets make his dream come true
WalkerWalker - Tabby, 1 to 5 years, Long hair, male
Walker is super handsome, and super energetic! Unfortunately, Walker is also super escape artist. He loves the outside and his previous owner gave up trying to keep him in! So, we are trying to find a special family who can accommodate his needs, yet keep him safe. If you have a catio, or an enclosed outside place for him to get his "fix" of the outdoors, that would be ideal! At the shelter he is overwhelmed by the large number of cats, and tends to get stressed and acts out aggressively! We believe that in the right environment, he will calm down and become the loving cat that is hiding inside! Walker is 6 years old!
Barrie Bingo

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