These are our cats!

LillieLillie - Tabby, 5 to 10 years, Short hair, female
Lillie is 7 years old and has lived most of her life with us. She was originally a feral cat, but has slowly and steadily progressed. Lillie is now very friendly and loves to be petted. She will look up at you with her big eyes with a plea to give her some love. We wouldn't be at all surprised if she turned into a lap cat once she finds the right home. You can pick Lillie up, but not for long - yet. Let's get this little lady out of our shelter and into a home. How about YOURS?
MaiaMaia - Black and White, 5 to 10 years, Long hair, female
Maia, oh Maia! Could you get any more beautiful? We think she knows it, as she is quite a diva! Not so good with other cats, but on her own, she can be quite loving! Just give her some time to adjust as she does like to swipe and bite when she is startled, so, no small children please! She likes to find a nice comfy perch where she can watch the world go by! We are betting a nice window perch where she can chitter at the birds would be just the cats meow! Maia is 10 years old
MaxfieldMaxfield - Grey, 1 to 5 years, Long hair, male
Maxfield is a 4 year old stray from the Georgina area whom no one claimed. We decided to give this gorgeous guy a chance here in Barrie. Maxfield gives head butts to get your attention and thoroughly enjoys being held. In addition, he is quite the chatterbox, especially if he thinks you might have food for him. Maxfield does NOT particularly like other cats, however, so he should really be the sole pet in the home. Maxfield also demonstrates some "catitude" from time to time in the way of nips and swats. He just wants to assert himself as the alpha.
Momma Momma - Black, 1 to 5 years, Short hair, female
Momma is 3 years old. She was found outside with her 4 kittens and fostered by two lovely people. All my kittens have found homes and now I am looking for my own. I am still shy and nervous in this new environment but if you give me time and patience I will be a wonderful addition to your home.
PeanutPeanut - Tabby, 5 to 10 years, Short hair, female
Peanut is 8 years young and came to us locally as a found stray in the Elmvale area. She was kept inside and fed and cared for by a wonderful family. They no longer had the means to keep her so we stepped in to find her a home. She has had a full mouth extraction.
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