These are our cats!

CashewCashew - Tabby, 5 to 10 years, Short hair, male
Cashew is around 6 years old. He has been in foster care for several months and is now looking for his furver home. He has had quite the journey coming all the way from Montreal, QC, had had 2 eye surgeries to remove his in grown eye lashes which was a success and his vision seems to be back to normal. He is playful and affectionate but wary of fast-moving people. He likes it best when you let him come to you. he is very tidy and gentle boy with a great purrrr!! Cashew is looking for a calm, loving household with at least one woman, No young children or dogs. It would be best if he had another friendly cat in his home (his best friend Cody is also available from Furry Friends)
EllaElla - Tabby, 1 to 5 years, Short hair, female
Ella is 5 years old. Looks like this lady is wanting her human companionship all to herself. She is overly friendly and will let you know when she wants attention. She is looking for a single person with no kids. She has no claws and can bite as she can be a bit sassy. She seems to be okay with other cats. Lets spread the word to get her the right home! Visit her at PetValu Yonge Barrie!!
EmmaEmma - Tabby, 5 to 10 years, Short hair, female
Emma is a feral born rescue who is 7 years old. She is a gentle, shy girl who takes a bit of coaxing before she will warm up to you. Emma is quite nervous about being picked up and will panic if you try. In the right home, with the right people who let her know that she is safe and loved, this diamond in the rough might just become a gem. Emma is definitely worth the effort! She is great with other cats.
FrankieFrankie - Grey, 1 to 5 years, Long hair, male
Majestic and Proud. That's our Frankie. Hes looking for his forever home and has been with us for a little while now. He certainly thinks highly of himself and therefore needs the right home. Frankie is around the age of 5 and needs a quiet home where he can be the only pet in the home. This also means no children and preferably a female in the home with someone who has a firm voice to tell him no. He can be a bit snippy and has a bob of a tail. Once he finds his person and someone who understands him he really is a good boy.
GrizzlyGrizzly - Tabby, 1 to 5 years, Short hair, male
Grizzly is a big handsome tabby boy. He has a spotted tabby coat, and loves to be petted! He is not fond of being picked up, but, otherwise, just a wonderful friendly guy. He will need some feline companions, as he loves to snuggle in for a good snooze with his furry friends at the shelter. Come meet this gorgeous boy! Grizzly is 3 years old!
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