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BuckBuck - White, 5 to 10 years, Short hair, male
Having come all the way from Montreal, 7 year old Buck is a total sweetheart who is looking for a special family to love him for the rest of his life! He just arrived at Pet Valu Barrie Yonge St and would be overjoyed to meet you ???????? When cats arrive at Furry Friends from high kill shelters, often times they are not in the best condition and Buck is no exception to that rule. Buck came to us with ears full of polyps that needed to be surgically removed, and a very uncomfortable complication with his eyelids that caused them to roll inwards and irritate his eyes. All of these painful problems, along with the fact that he was in an totally new place with new people, sights, and smells, caused him to be understandably reclusive and jumpy! Buck has had multiple operations to fix both his eye and ear problems, and he has since recovered beautifully and is a much brighter, happier boy because of it! As a side effect of having the polyps removed Buck is now a little hard of hearing and would appreciate everyone approaching him from the front so that he doesn't get startled! His life-changing surgeries were able to be completed entirely thanks to the donations and support from our community ???? Nowadays, Buck is still a little on the shy side of life, but being able to see clearly with pain free eyes has done wonders for his personality! ;) Buck is happy to snuggle into a bed and accept gentle pets and kind words of encouragement, and he was quite the fan of watching our med-room volunteers working and taking care of his friends! Once he gets used to you and understands that you're a friend, he's a total peach ???? We're confident that in his forever home, he'll become more and more outgoing as he learns how much good life has to offer him! Due to his timid nature, Buck would do best in a quiet home with no young children. Please come and visit Buck at Pet Valu Barrie Yonge St and see what a gentle soul he really is!
AngelAngel - White, 1 to 5 years, Medium hair, female
Beautiful four year old Angel is a very special, very big girl. Angel is at least partly deaf, and so when you approach her it's best to come around to her front so that she can see you and not be startled! She is very gentle and enjoys having her head and back softly stroked, and especially having her ears scritched, but she's not particularly fond of her lower back and sides being touched and will get a bit diva-ish if you try! Due to her LARGE size, our queenly Angel loves over-sized and over-stuffed beds that hug her curves and help her settle down for good naps after she's had play time with you. Angel is not a fan of other cats, and would likely do best in a home all to herself.
BellaBella - Tabby, 5 to 10 years, Short hair, female
Meet Bella, an 8 year old pleasantly plump beauty looking for a family who's going to spoil her rotten! Bella is extremely affectionate, and will squirm around on her back as best as she can at her size and demand belly rubs! She also loves her snout being rubbed, and will tilt her head farther and farther back if you keep scratching... It's very cute to see, and you'll have to try it for yourself Bella needs to go to a home with NO young children as she gets easily stressed out by them, but she absolutely loves grown ups. She will make a fantastic companion to whoever is lucky enough to adopt her, be prepared for a total cuddle bug!
CuriousCurious - Black, 10 to 15 years, Short hair, male
Curious came to be with us through a joint effort between Furry Friends and Feline fix, he and his friend Courageous were rescued from a burned-out building where they had been living after their previous owner lost their home to a blaze. Thankfully he was unharmed and able to be trapped after a bit of work, and he’s now looking for his forever home! Curious lives up to his name - This 12 years young tabby always wants to be a part of anything that’s going on and will be sure to come and check on you if he feels left out of the action! Curious is playful and excitable, and all around just a very affectionate, handsome boy. He’ll will trot around your feet with his tail up waiting for you to notice him when he wants attention, and he’s very hard to say no to! He also gets along swimmingly with other calm cats, and is a lover of all things food-related or toy-related ;) Curious would make a great companion for anybody who wants an upbeat and happy little pal to join their family!
BellaBella - Grey, 1 to 5 years, Short hair, female
Bella came to us from an intense hoarding situation pregnant and ready to burst with kittens - and she didn't disappoint! Bella gave birth to four handsome and healthy baby boys, which is no small wonder considering she's only just a baby herself at a year old! She was an admirably responsible mama cat, always knowing where each of her babies were and keeping them safe and snuggled at every opportunity. Even though her job of raising kittens is done, her sweet and motherly personality persisted and she would love to have a human to keep an eye on and take care of ????
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