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BellaBella - Tabby, 5 to 10 years, Short hair, female
Meet Bella, an 8 year old pleasantly plump beauty looking for a family who's going to spoil her rotten! Bella is extremely affectionate, and will squirm around on her back as best as she can at her size and demand belly rubs! She also loves her snout being rubbed, and will tilt her head farther and farther back if you keep scratching... It's very cute to see, and you'll have to try it for yourself Bella needs to go to a home with NO young children as she gets easily stressed out by them, but she absolutely loves grown ups. She will make a fantastic companion to whoever is lucky enough to adopt her, be prepared for a total cuddle bug!
DianaDiana - Black and White, 1 to 5 years, Short hair, female
SPECIAL NEEDS CATS LIKE DIANA, 1 yr 3 mo, NEED THE SPECIAL LOVE YOU CAN GIVE HER!!! You wouldn’t know it from how astoundingly friendly and bubbly she is, but Diana came to Furry Friends very recently from a horrendous hoarding situation where she and her many brothers and sisters (and cousins, and extended family...) all lived in extremely poor conditions. Besides the home being filthy with feces and waste stacked high towards the ceiling, there was clearly not enough food or care to go around for anybody. Many of Diana's brothers and sisters have suffered dearly with ongoing health issues due to their lives of neglect, but somehow Diana managed to come out of their ordeal mostly unscathed besides a severely undernourished body and lots of fleas. Despite where she came from, Diana is overjoyed to meet all new people who come her way, and she greets everyone with open arms and a HUGE purr! How on earth such a small cat could hold so much love within herself is beyond us, but Diana was just full of surprises.... And kittens! Before Diana was even able to go to the vets to be examined the day after she arrived, she decided to deliver an unexpected litter of kittens overnight all on her own, and she was VERY proud of herself come the morning when our volunteers discovered her little secret. Diana is such a spectacularly doting mother that she even welcomed a kitten from another litter who’s mama just wasn’t well enough to feed them with no hesitation at all! At just past one year old, Diana is practically a baby herself but she did such a great job of taking care of her little family with the help of her foster family. Nowadays Diana's babies are big enough to not need their mama around anymore, and honestly Diana is happy to have the break - Four little rascals with claws and too much energy can really tire a kitty out! She has taken her newfound retirement in stride and has dedicated herself to sleeping lots, enjoying the tastiest of food, and even packing on enough chub to have an adorably round belly for everyone to pet. Diana enjoys human company very much, and she will twirl with excitement when she sees you coming up to her. Any kind of love and petting is good if you ask her, and sometimes Diana will even roll over to kick and nibble at your hand if you get her excited enough to play!
FelicityFelicity - Tabby, 1 to 5 years, Short hair, female
Our little Felicity ( 1yr 8mos ) has had a rough start to her young life. As a rescue from a severe hoarding situation, Felicity did not have the opportunity to grow big and strong in a warm house, she did not have a belly full of nutritious food, and she certainly did not get the love and devotion she so desperately deserved. Felicity arrived at Furry Friends with her many brothers and sisters, stick-thin, terrified, and angry at the world around her for being cruel and devoid of care for her family. She would hiss and spit at anybody who came near her, and she would lash out even more if you tried to touch her siblings - Clearly, Felicity had grown up only knowing that human hands would cause hurt, never offer kindness or protection, and she was determined to not let anything harm her again. It took weeks for Felicity to begin to trust us. She lived in our office and would silently watch as shelter life went on around her, jumpy and nervous of any loud sounds or sudden movements. One day, Felicity let her guard down just a little bit and decided to eat while we were still in the room. We were stunned, this was a level of bravery that we had never seen from her. Soon after that, we would occasionally catch her exploring her cage before returning to the safety of her big bed. Eventually, she let us gently place our hands in front of her without scurrying off... and she started to purr. Once we got the opportunity to finally touch Felicity, it was like she had flipped a switch in her brain - She couldn’t get enough love! While still nervous and jumpy, Felicity would do everything she could to press herself into our arms and lay her head in our palms as she purred and drooled, she would throw herself upside down and encourage us to hold on to her tummy as it had began to fill out thanks to a proper diet. Felicity had finally come to the conclusion that she was safe at last, and she was LOVING it. These days when you approach Felicity, she may occasionally still give you a small hiss in greeting - It’s nothing personal and she never does anything besides hiss, and once you start to interact with her it’s all gravy. All Felicity wants to do every day is to purr and be held and given all of the affection she was never given as a baby, and she will need to go to a home with plenty of time to dote on her day in and out. Due to her discomfort with commotion and ruckus, we feel she would do best being adopted straight from the shelter instead of going to Petsmart or other retailers. Despite her shy behavior, Felicity has made leaps and bounds and continues to become more confident by the day!
Barrie Bingo

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