ColaCola - Black, 1 to 5 years, Short hair, male

Cola is a BIG boy, with a HUGE heart and personality to match! He's with his kitty friends at Petsmart on 33 Mapleview Drive just waiting to meet you! ???? One and a half year old Cola came to us as an owner surrender because the family's older female cat just couldn't get used to the idea of having this big guy in the house. It was no fault of Cola's own that he became a Furry Friend's resident, and it's better for everyone involved that Cola finds a place of his very own to live happily without stepping on any grumpy kitty toes ;) This handsome hunk is super playful and affectionate, he's always peeking around the corner with his beautiful eyes to try to spot an opportunity to get some love and pets! Cola enjoys having his big snout rubbed, and when he's relaxing Cola will stretch alllll the way out over his bed to get comfortable. Sometimes when you play with him, Cola will even give you little playful nips on your hands! If you thought that he couldn't be any more of a character, Cola even loves to play fetch with toys that you toss for him, what a talented kitty! He also has a favourite stuffed monkey toy that must go home with him when he gets adopted, but we promise they won't get into any trouble or 'monkey business' together! ????

Barrie Bingo

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